Bear on a Wire version 1.1.0 Now Available

The first update to Bear on a Wire has been accepted and is ready for download. This update includes OpenFeint with global scores and achievements along with a bunch of performance tweaks. The OpenFeint module handles high scores and adds global score support. Now you can compete for high scores against your Facebook and Twitter friends along with the rest of the world. I have had a lot of practice to say the least so I have the best score so far but I look forward to seeing many people start beating my score.

Bear on a Wire - Free Ride is Now on the App Store

The free version of Bear on a Wire was accepted to the App Store today. Give it a spin if you haven't already checked out the full version and let us know what you think.

iTunes link: Bear on a Wire - Free Ride

Bear on a Wire Highlighted in's Ten to Watch

Bear on a Wire took was features in Slide to Play's Ten to Watch: Thursday, September 10. We are excited about it, especially the comment that Bear on a Wire "blows Moto X Mayhem off its motorcycle." Moto X Mayhem was a previous #1 app! We hope to see a full review from these guys soon in addition to some of the other app review sites out there.

Bear on a Wire - Free Ride Submitted

Over the last couple weeks we received a lot of comments from people stating that the screen-shots provided in the App Store do not provide a good feel for the gameplay in Bear on a Wire. As a result, we took a few days and threw together a demo (free) version so that people can experience the game with no price barrier.

Bearzo Does Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con, the world's largest fantasy/science-fiction convention, held annually here in Atlanta, GA was this past weekend. Bearzo took the opportunity to make his first outing and blanket the downtown area with fliers promoting Bear on a Wire. Check out the suspiciously placed flier below.

Bear on a Wire Press Release

Our green hero, Bearzo, has had it! No more performing for “THE MAN” day in and day out. What! Do you think he is some kind of dancing bear? NO… he is a high wire bear, and it’s time for him to make his great escape from the Big Top. He loves his fans and his work, but he just wants to be free and feel his scarf blow in the wind as he shreds wire with the most insane moves ever attempted … on a Moped… on top of high voltage power lines. Get ready to feel the power of the 49cc, two stroke, and single cylinder stallion!