• Bearzo is sick of working as a trapeze-riding biker bear for the circus and has decided to make his big escape. The green, scarf-wearing teddy sits atop his tall stunt bike as he rides down power lines, making for some crazy physics. To our surprise, the game has these spot on. There are also fifteen levels, and different tricks to pull off. The game is not only a hilarious, but a thrill to play, and blows Moto X Mayhem off its motorcycle. We commend Chad, who apparently stayed up all night to bring us this game (according to the app description), for his efforts.

  • I bought this game over the holiday weekend and showed it to my nephew. He never put it down all weekend! Great game. Feature Request: Please add some challenge play or challenge mode. It would be fun to challenge my nephew to see who can do better.



  • Great graphics and very good physics Love it! More levels please.



  • Fun game mechanics, nice graphics, electric wires, crazy tricks and ice cream!



  • top notch work! this is def one of the most entertaining apps out hat goes off to the developers and I look forward to seeing some more of their work!



  • This game is awesome. It's much better than other apps out there and it's a well made game for a good price. It's fun, keeps your interest and is challenging enough to be neither frustrating or lame.

    Overall, how can you dislike a green bear with a scarf and funny face who escaped the confines of circus servitude to do tricks on a moped atop crazy serious power lines? .... Yeah, you have to love Bear on a Wire....